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GMX of 2014 me and Robby Royster marvelled over Chris Lee's and Patrick Becker's Power Wheels Racers.  We wanted to jump in and make one.  So here is the progress shots of my Power wheels Racer and some pics of my father as well.  He made the Jurrasic Rover and I made Sweet Tooth. 

This Escalade Power Wheels was in a junkyard underneath a bunch of stuff. i wound up getting it for 5$.  

Making the Cardboard templates for the body

IGrowing up Twisted Metal was my favorite game of all time.  I referenced the image to the right to create my Sweet tooth body. During this whole crazy build me and my father created a Power Racing team for the Power Racing Series.  Our team is called Twisted Plasic.  

Here is the head for Sweet tooth.  I had a friend from Stony Props Jacob Morin make a 3D model of it and then i sent the model to my other buddy Scott Todd with Visionary Entertainment.  He then took the model and foam milled the entire thing out on a 5 axis mill.  after that he hard coated it then i painted it.

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