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Random Stuff

This is a page in my portfoilio where i can show off some of the random things i have been pulled into over the years.  

Hook N Shoot Event i fought against Christian Kratz as Vader.  Needless to say i am 1-0 in the Octagon.  TFC(Technical Force Choke)

Me (Executioner), Chad Collins (Darth Maul), and Tuomas Pento (Emperor) got in the WWE Raw Event taking place across the street where we were doing a Orchestra event.  They let us in to roam around and mess with people.  We wound up taking pics with the championship belts.  

I was doing a Star Wars night event with the 501st guys as Vader.  I told them my all time dream was to ride on the Zamboni.  Look what happend

"Dreams do come true"

I was contacted by Kevin from Falter to attend one of there concerts in costume.  the Predator lasers looked great in the fog here.  

Here i am with Bam Margera and the guys of FuckFace Unstoppable, infront of his tour bus in Clarksville TN.  

Here is a Imperial Cog in the Middle of a Penny.

Here i am after filming for Maximus 116.  We wound up eating at the Joe's Crab Shack in Louisville KY.  Collin Royster, Adam Lyons, Natalie Royster, and Sarina Benn.

HALO IS COMING.  Here i am at the Halo 4 release at Best Buy.  They made me a thrown out of halo 4 edition xbox 360's.  

Here are some C3P0 pistons i machined out of Brass.  I referenced the resin ones. 

Me and Walter Marlin in Utah overlooking a desert on top of a 3000 year old Dead Volcano, while wearing halo gear. During this moment i had to fall into his arms for a shot of Halo Respawn.

Sci Fi Night with Ron Glass. Im there as Maximus 116 in the middle of all the 501st Star Wars guys.

Lightsaber Cut in 1/2.  I Wire EDMed it in 1/2

This was the first date me and Natalie (my wife) had ever been on.   It was a special time.  

Here is me and John Ficker recreating Bound 2 on a speeder bike dressed as Halo characters.  Geek Galaxy 2014


I wound up in Atlanta Magazine.  I was at DragonCon 2015 about a photoshoot they wanted me and SweetTooth in.  So i went to it and well this happend in 2016.

This photo was taken by Josh Meister. Check out his work here.

The above photo was taken by Chris Bower.  

I wound up going to a concert with the 501st group in Paducah Kentucky for a Weird Al Yankovic show.  Had an amazing time and got to meet Weird Al himself. 

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