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RAAA Skateboard

So a friend of mine Grace Henderson told me about a upcoming event i should enter something in.  Deck The Walls.  So i decided to get a skateboard deck and give it a whirl.  I saw that these were just pieces of art and people would be hanging them up in there houses so i didnt need to get a new deck for this or even a completely assembled deck.  I wound up going to Killer Skate Park in Evansville Indiana and talked with them about getting used or broken decks.  They sold me several pieces and used decks for a reasonable price.  after getting the pieces i wound up wanting to do something different... Well here it is the RAAAA Skateboard Deck

I also noticed that the skateboards were made of layers of wood i guess to eliminate impact when used each layer was made of different colors.  I thought it would be cool to make a ring out of it so i drilled a hole and made this .  I made it for Natalie.

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