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So back in 2014 me and my father Robby Royster saw Chris Lee's power wheel racer.  He began to tell us about the racing series he is in and how awesome it is.  We were both inspired.  We went out and got 2 power wheels and began to tear them apart piece by piece.  We rebuilt them into electric racing machines.  We also wound up making one for my wife Natalie Royster and really brought a different element to the Power Racing Series. Here are the progress shots of the team we built and some racing photos of them in action.

Here is a list of the items we used to construct Sweet Tooth and the Jurassic Rover.

(2) 36v 800w Electric motors

(1) throttle handles

(2) 36v Controller

(2) sprockets

(3) 12v batteries

(4) wheels/tires

(4) steering(tie rod ends)

(1) Pyle Motorcycle amp/speaker

(1) electric keyswitch 

(2) mini bike drum brakes and handles.

(2) 1"x1"x8' square tubing 

10' of #25 chain


If you havent heard of the Power Racing Series go check them out here.  The group is a ton of fun and we all really love racing childrens cars at high speeds well 25mph-ish.  

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