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On October 13th, 2012 I was flown out to Utah by a director named Devin Graham AKA DevinSuperTramp.  We filmed 2 amazing videos that went viral.  The first was a FPS live action short.  Tim Winn was the person contacted me and got me involved with this whole project. 

This was filmed in a old abandoned Uranium Mine in the middle of a desert.  I was forced to climb a mountain in armor.  Needless to say it was intense.  We filmed from sun up until sun down.  

The next day we started filming on top of a huge mountain again with a ton of white trees.  We filmed a Lindsey Stirling and William Joseph  Music Video.  


Here are some of the crazy pics we took while on set.  

For the rest of that week we filmed six episodes for a short series called Respawn.  We filmed with FreakinRad Channel.  Here is one of my favorite shorts we filmed.  

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