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When we first started talking about building the Reaper costume my wife Natalie Royster really wanted to be along side me with an amazing costume.  We decided to build the Necromancer female version based off the male versions armor.  There wasnt many new reference images released at the time when we first started but we really wanted to bring it to life.  We contacted Fabian Els and Josh Smith about helping with the design of this armor.  We were in a mad rush to get this one done but i think it turned out pretty amazing.  Below are some photos showing off the build and debut of it at Dragoncon 2017.


Here is Fabians models he made for us we had to alter a lot different things to get it to fit just right.  But all in all this was a good base for getting the armor started. 

The weapon was modelled by Josh Smith and really had a awesome organic feel to it .  

I wound up using Golden Brand paints on this along with a matte white base.  I washed several different shades of browns and some greys along with one yellow.  I also added a little green to give it a really great look.

The shield was also 3d Modelled by Josh Smith and printed in several pieces.  Once assembled it stands about 3' tall.  When this was modelled there was very little reference images and didnt have much to work off of. 

These images are of her first time trying it all on.  She was really excited and i had to post the silly face pics 

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