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Malthael Build

I long to create things that spark emotions with my creations.  This Build however has been a long time coming and has been a very challenging one.  I had this idea of creating Malthael but instead of making something that would just be on foot it would appear to float along the crowd so i knew i needed wheels to make that effect.  I watched the Cinematic trailer atleast 100 times and stared at his size and his appearance.  i wanted something larger than life and wanted to create something never before done.  Taking costuming to the next level.  I debuted this costume at Dragoncon 2017 even though it wasnt complete.  There is still so much more i want to do with it.  I will update this as i add more to it.  Here are some images of my build on this.

To the left is my father Robby Royster he has been a huge driving force on helping me bring this costume along with other creations to life.  

On the right is my wife she is my backbone and insures i dont go batshit crazy while creating these things. 

I stand 10' tall in this picture and can lower myself to 7'6" on the base.  

Here is a crappy video showing the up/down motion of the frame before we built it. we designed the frame based around the bones of a wheel chair we bought. 


Here are some of the images of the beginning stages we took to create this crazy frame.  We rolled a 34" dia ring out of square tubing and designed a frame to go around the wheel chair remains.


Here is a model that Chris LaBoy gave us to work with for the Reaper frame.  Along with creating the armor parts.  

Here is the sickle pieces i printed.  Josh Smith modelled this for me and did a hell of a job capturing the look i was going for .  On the right is showing the sickle with the 3d scan i did of the back of the wheel chair pendant placed in the model.  Once the 3d scan and the model were merged together i could run the wiring through the handle and down my arm connecting it to the frame for controls.

Here is a short video showing me raising up to 10' in costume.

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