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Custom Furniture

So awhile back I started making pieces of furniture for the house to make it mean more to myself.  So i wouldnt have random bought pieces that wouldnt mean anything to me.  So here is some of the works i have done.

So Ive had the Speeder Bike for awhile and its mainly lived in storage.  I wanted it to be in the house somehow someway.  So i sketched out a idea of it being apart of a entertainment center and then drew it up on some CAD software.  

My wife Natalie wanted a record stand for christmas she sent me all these stands that i could buy.  Me being me not wanting something like anyone else would want wound up going to a local Salvage place called Salvage Candy.  I rummaged around there for a few hours and bought a bunch of different pieces and came up with this. .  Id still like to add speakers possibly to it but i think it tunred out nice, and nobody else has one like it.

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