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Awhile back i was contacted by a friend of mine Ethan Brandt about making him a Pw similar to the Sweet Tooth build i did.  So i priced it all out and well he wanted it.  So he wanted a Borderlands Bandit Technical. It would be challenging but i figured i could do it.  He wanted to be able to have his wife Lauren on the back of it manning the big gun.  They both portray characters from the game and do a hell of a job at it i must say check out there costumes here.  So anyways here is what i came up with 

Bandit Technical

I based it off the PW Dodge ram body that i had currently at the shop and thought it would be perfect since it was one of the largest pws out there.  Again having to consider 2 people on this instead of the one person. I wanted it to hinge so you could get to the batteries and electronics.  

I decided to use a base tan paint for the body and i used golden brand raw umber and burnt sienna.  All of these are High flow paints for the airbrush.  I figured it would look the best.  i also went with golden brand Irridecent silver for the metal parts.  I think it turned out pretty good. 

I still plan on getting more pics of this and plan on getting some with Ethan and Lauren on board as well.  So be on the look out.  In the mean time go check out Ethan and Laurens page Thousand Faces Cosplay.


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